Your Purpose in Life

About the Author

Rick Schreiber is the founder of Bible IQ (, which is a popular and eye-catching Bible e-Learning platform that includes: Bible programs, Bible studies, Bible trivia, Bible verses, Bible illustrations, Bible assessments, and Bible IQ University. It also contains the world’s #1 free and gamified Bible Quiz Program!

Rick is convinced he spent the first 35+ years of his life having “Me-focused” faith, and the last 20+ years having “God-focused” faith. The turning point in his life began when he half-heartedly volunteered to teach children’s Sunday School (reluctant because he felt he was unqualified and biblically illiterate). At that point in Rick’s life, his spiritual eyes were opened, and he developed an unquenchable thirst and hunger for God and His Word.

Rick soon realized that during his so-called “Me-focused” period, he had most likely only made Jesus his Savior (as he wanted that free ticket-to-heaven!), but had not truly made Him his Lord. In other words, Rick recalls being too focused on building his kingdom and being caught-up in chasing the world’s possessions, positions, pleasures, power, and popularity. Soon after this revelation, Rick repented and (really) dedicated
his life to Jesus as both Savior and Lord of his life.

The supernatural grace, love, joy, peace, zeal, and fulfillment Rick has experienced over the past 20+ years has radically transformed his life! He moved from being a fan to a follower and from being lukewarm to red-hot for God. He also realized that God’s purpose and plans for our lives is far more than our profession and pastimes. Rick now has a passion for sharing the gospel, God’s Word, and God’s purpose for us, so others can experience game-changing happiness, contentment, and victory in their lives.

Rick is continuously balancing his kindgom work and worldly work. Aside from overseeing the Bible IQ ministry and being a moonlight evangelist, Rick is an executive in the business world. Rick has a BS and MBA from Indiana University, and also holds a degree from the School of Biblical Evangelism. Rick is married with four kids and lives in the greater Atlanta area.

Request Rick to Speak at your Event

Rick loves to be on stage teaching and preaching God’s Word! If you would like to schedule Rick to speak about the game-changing messages contained in his “Your Purpose In Life: 4Gs to Discovering Your Purpose” e-book (which is also the same content contained on this website), please contact him. He is happy to scale the teaching according to your need (1-hour, 2-hours, 4-hours, etc.), and he is prepared to speak wherever the Lord leads him: churches, conferences, associations, and organizations. [WARNING: God wired Rick with a ton of energy, so be prepared and buckle-your-seatbelt!]

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